Oct 16, 2011

Random thoughts

Princess Magpie is kind of funny sometimes. There are a lot times when she talks that it is a lot of gibberish with a random actual word thrown in for good measure. When she is upset, she goes on and on and whines and whines and I am desperately frantically trying to figure out what is the problem. I am listening to her go on in some language I don't understand thinking to myself, "Oh come on, just let me buy a vowel, just one actual word and I will be on this for you!". Then in the midst of random sounds she is making I hear a word, an actual word and I jump all over it, "Foot? You hurt your foot? Is something wrong with your foot? You want me to rub your foot? You are looking for your dolly's foot?" Grasping at anything and everything to do with that one word I actually got, until I hear the magical, shaky "okay" and am rewarded with a smile from a tear stained face.

She is too cute with her baby sister though. She loves her and is convinced she is HERS. Thus yesterday, in a demonstration of the fact that she does have some language skills, she says, "Where's my Princess Snifflefritz? Where's my baby?" And when Princess Belle handed her a doll she snorted and said, "No, Sisser! That's a dolly! I will find my baby." and she jumped down and went running into the room where her little sister was.

On a side note, I am finally feeling better. I am 13 weeks pregnant now and even though I was spotting for a while, but it has stopped now. I do have to watch my activity level because it seems to be related, but as long as I take it easy, I don't spot at all.

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Julie said...

It will be funny to see Maggie when the baby comes and she realizes that her little sister is no longer a baby. *lol*