Oct 25, 2011

Princess Snifflefritz

Princess Snifflefritz has finally started sleeping through the night. At least until about 4 - 6 am. If she wakes then, I go in change her diaper, give her a drink and she goes right back to sleep until about 8:30!!! It took a little while of me keeping her from sleeping all day and trying desperately to keep her from crying outside her bedroom door, as she tried desperately to put herself to bed. There were lots of cuddles, lots of heartbreakingly sad faces, but she usually got over it quickly and now she is as happy as can be and sleeping better. It was tough, but I just figured that with a new baby on the way, I really only needed on baby keeping me up at night. And Princess Snifflefritz was keeping me up at night for 4 and 5 hours at a time and with the other girls keeping me awake all day, this poor pregnant momma was tired and figured that had to stop.

here is the face that was begging me to go back to sleep. Isn't it so pathetic? I just want to go through the screen and cuddle her.

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Julie said...

Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing, but a Mama's got to do what a Mama's got to do, right? It always pays off in the end!!!