Oct 3, 2011

Monday Musings

Last night the girls were once again up for half the night. I am hoping it is just a fluke and tonight they will sleep through. These girls are killing me I swear!

A funny thing Princess Magpie has taken to doing is laying on her floor of bedroom and calling out when she is supposed to be sleeping. I listen and hear, "Hello? Is anybody out there? . . . . "Hello! Hi!" I tell her to go to sleep and then I hear whispering, "Hellooo . . . Hi. . . . Hello". She just cracks me up.

I am getting a little too stressed and serious about our math again. I need to relax and have fun and realize that this curriculum is not supposed to be stressful. That is not how it is done. So even if mommy is tired, grouchy, and over-tired, I need to relax and not bring stress to our homeschool.

1 comment:

Julie said...

I can just picture the little voice, calling out from the bedroom... Hellooooo! *lol*

So cute!