Oct 9, 2011

Sunday Six

  1. I finally got Princess Magpie to believe that there was a baby in my belly. It was too funny because then stuck out her belly and was convinced that there was baby in her belly too.
  2. I had to take Princess Magpie out of Princess Snifflefritz's room. I put her in with Princess Belle. Princess Snifflefritz was keeping her up and night and it wasn't fair to her. Since I took her out of the room, Princess Magpie has slept through the night every single night. (Now if only I could convince Princess Snifflefritz to do the same!)
  3. I changed living room today. I needed it to be better organized. When Princess Magpie got up from her nap and came out, she looked around, took it all in and said, "Mommy! Great job! You cleaned up!" In her little mind, the organization and the moved furniture were simply a result of the extra cleaning I must have done.
  4. Princess Snifflefritz still has her schedule messed up. I am working on it, but it is exhausting to try to figure out a way to fix it.
  5. The best thing about the change in the bedrooms is that Princess Magpie is sleeping so much better! And in the mornings, I can hear her and Princess Belle playing and giggling together before they come out for the day.
  6. I went to a warehouse store the other day. I really like it a lot. I will definitely be going back.

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Julie said...

I always love changing rooms around, and giving them a fresh, new look. :)