Nov 17, 2019

Speaking to Me

I was watching a Christmas movie today. And, it felt like it was talking to me. The mother in the story is talking with a her friend and says," I don't even know what I'm going to put under the Christmas tree this year". Her friend says," it will all work out. It always works out at Christmas. All you have to do is have a little hope."  I needed to hear that. I need to have a little faith it'll all be okay.

Also today, Grandpa Grumpy has said he may have a solution for our winter tires. On his birthday, he may have come up with solution for our winter tire problem. I guess, an early "Merry Christmas!" is all I can say.

I am being creative with the few groceries we have left.  Last night I invented taco pizza, and today I made a peach pancake bake.  Wonder what I can invent for tonight.

1 comment:

Andie said...

I have been following you for years, as my autistic daughter is Belles age... I found your blog years ago. Do you have a go fund me for your family? I’d be happy to help with making the season less stressful.