Nov 17, 2016

The Right Way

I finished up the last of the  boxes today!  It is so great to have that part behind me.  All that is left is curtains with Prince Charming and proper safety gates for Little Prince.  And I want to reorganized my bedroom now that I have had some time in there to figure out what works.  Every day this place becomes a little more home!

To make the best of things our landlord said that she wants us to be here for years and years to come and Prince Charming will be starting a new job!!!  I have always said that when you are travelling the right path, things work out for you, they fall into place and it comes easier.  It is when every step is a struggle and you are fighting every day to get through that maybe you are not on the right path.  At least for me, it has always worked out that way and right now . . . it feels like we are on our path.

After all the boxed I was at today, I am tired, but I am enjoying Little Prince eating his supper and his snack.

A video of my boy

A video of our summer fun

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