Nov 1, 2016

A Few Things

I love early mornings with Princess Belle.  We are the only two early birds and it is nice to sit and talk while I drink my coffee.  I just enjoy her so much!

Here's a funny thing, we got a visit from a black cat on the day before Halloween!  I was upstairs going in to get Little Prince and I looked out the window and there was a black cat sitting on the windowsill!  On the upstairs window!!!  He just quietly looked at us and then when the girls saw him, he took off.  I figured it must be good luck to get a visit from a black cat on the day before Halloween LOL.

Another conversation that amused me was when Princess Belle said that she didnt' think she wasnted to have kids because she would rather have money to save in her future instead of spending money on kids.  LOL  Princess Magpie was horrified and said that she would most definitely rather have kids because money is nice but a home with a family is a a happier one filled with lots of love, and anyway the holidays are always so much better when you can share them with kids.  LOVE my girl!

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