Nov 5, 2016

Worth It

I have to say, I feel like we moved to our own little corner of heaven.  It is so lovely here.

I do sort of wish we could have moved a few months ago so that we hadn't spent that much money so close to Christmas, because Christmas will be a little more budgeted than usual.

But that being said, even though it may be a leaner one, I am confident it will be a beautiful Christmas.  My kids won't notice because I will make sure of it.

We are all so very happy here that it is worth it.  The kids are already excited about the decorations and how pretty it will be.

And in the meantime, we get to enjoy the absolute beauty of our surroundings.


Tenille said...

My mom has been shying away more from doing gifts every Christmas and giving us money for or toward an "experience." The kids might enjoy something fun around your new town and it might save some money. Just an idea. :)

TC Harris said...

Thanks! That is a good idea.