Nov 9, 2015

They did what???

So I head down to the eye doctor's office to get my glasses adjusted again as they are giving me blisters in three different spots. They hurt so much it is a relief to take them off at night. After I have been waiting for a while, the eye doctor comes out and tells me they fell apart in her hands!!! She has glued them together for temporary use and now I am getting new frames for free!! (better ones!) I don't mind I figure that this may be a blessing because now I can hopefully get frames that don't hurt and blister.  My new ones have a darker frame than I am used to but I can't see glasses as I am trying them on so I had to trust the eye doctor.

Here are the glasses that fell apart (I got three weeks ago!)

These are the glasses I had before that (I had them for 5 years)

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