Nov 27, 2015

Organising Our Homeschool

I had a  busy day of laundry, rearranging furniture and shopping.

My day started with an attack on mount laundry.  And then after cleaning the kitchen, I rearranged the living room and classroom.  I wanted an area to keep crafting supplies since I like to do a lot of crafts with the kids over December.  After everything was set up, I went out to get some containers to store the craft supplies in.  The store didn't have red or white containers so I picked out pink ones (I figure it is the girls' favorite color)  I also bought containers for the kids books shelves.  I can't wait to get at setting everything up tomorrow.

The girls have noticed that I am dressing nice and putting on make-up before I out.  They tell me I look like a princess.

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