Jul 7, 2015

Still Counting

In preparation for the move, I packed up all of Prince Charming stuff in our room.  I swear he has waaay more stuff than I do!  

I also scrubbed my kitchen down from top to bottom (everything except the fridge, I got too tired by the time I was done the stove).  All our food and dishes and cooking supplies are on two bookshelves in the kitchen. 

I don't know about anyone else, but when I am done the stove, I am always filthy!  Has anyone found a way to clean the oven that doesn't end up with them covered in yucky stuff??? 

When I was done the kitchen, I was a hot, sweaty, mess and I sure enjoyed my shower afterwards (And, I was only interrupted once during it!)

On a sidenote, my money still didn't come in and I am super-stressed about it, my neighbor said hers didn't come in either so maybe there is just a delay.

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