Jul 6, 2015


 Well the countdown continues to our move.  We will be leaving 5 days from now!  I have two goals for today.  The first is to scrub out my cupboards and my oven and the second is to finish packing up my bedroom. 

I was expecting some money in the mail on Friday and it didn't come.  It didn't come today either!!!  I am a little worried about having enough money to buy groceries after we move.  I have enough money for everything else in our move, but I hate that this late check is stressing me out!  OMG I am going to need a vacation after this is all over.

On a funny note, Princess Magpie told me she doesn't want a forever home.  She likes the adventure of moving and discovering new places.  I told her mommy needs a forever home because I am tired!

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