Jul 29, 2015


I did a lot of running around today.  It was my day to pay bills, pay rent, and get groceries.  It was honestly a  wonderful day.  I started out by walking down to pay the rent.  I took Little Prince with me and made that our morning walk.  It was so nice although I did discover an alarming number of spider nests along the way.  After I got back I spent some time on the steps with Little Prince until it was his nap time.  After he went for a nap, I walked down to my favorite local store, the one I walk to most mornings.  I got some amazing deals on meats!  I got enough meats for our family of SIX for 2 weeks as well as bread for Little Prince and a couple of veggies and I only spent $80!  After that I got a taxi to the other store to get the rest of my groceries.  The thing is . . . Everywhere I went I chatted with someone.  It was actually lovely.  From the taxi drivers to th store workers, I had such nice chats with each of them.  It really reinforces the fact that this is the right place for us.   I mean the taxi driver went out of his way to show me a walking path that will save me taxi fares and someone else told me about the best places to get good prices on produce!  It was so nice!

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