Apr 10, 2012

Quiet day and Lotus Fun

 We had a quiet day today. I made carrot muffins for breakfast and they were a big hit. My best friend sent some Easter stuff for the kids and some clothes for the baby and it was fun to see what she sent.

I love to listen to the new things that Lotus says. It is fun to interpret her. She doesn’t say N’s in most words and it makes some words come out exceptionally cute. You just try saying the word bunny with no N’s and you will see just how cute it is.

She has this way of saying, “Moooom” which sounds just like a mini-teenager and it just kills me. It is too cute.

She also climbs into the empty shelf in the television cabinet and sticks her face out the back and peeks out the back.  The sight of her little face peeking out the back is just too cute too.!

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