Feb 6, 2011

Days Gone By

I have been watching youtube video clips of places I used to live. I don't know whether it helps with me missing it or it makes it worse, but it does remind me of good times. This one is of a ferry ride between Halifax and Dartmouth. Back in the old days, when we were bored, we would go for a ride on the ferry just for a fun thing to do for the price of a bus ride. Prince Charming, Notsosnowwhite, Princess Belle (who was a baby) and I used wander the waterfront and take a ride on the ferry. It was a fun time.

Here is another one that I really like:

Feb 5, 2011

Saturday PhotoHunt: Fashion

The theme this week is Fashion. In a house filled with girly girls, I have no end of fashion pics. They all love to dress up. So I am sharing some of Princess Magpie and one of Princess Sniffle giving us their idea of a fashion statement.

Feb 4, 2011

Princess Magpie

I have figured out something about my middle girl. She tends to feel a little insecure about her baby sister. I have noticed that she copies her sometimes in an effort to get my attention. I always say there is no way she would get left out because she is brimming over with personality but sometimes I notice a need in her for more cuddles, more attention, more something. I always give her what I feel she is needing but I do notice that she will do things that her baby sister does, such as kneeling at the gate when I am in the kitchen so her eyes are just over the gate like her sister, or peeking through the gate, or taking off her pants so that she is running around in a shirt and diaper (we do this with Princess Snifflefritz as it helps with her mobility), coming up for cuddles when you are holding her sister and more. She is sweet and loving and TWO with a capital T and I don't want her to feel that way but there is nothing I can do but love her enough to make her feel better. In the meantime, I am capturing photographic evidence of her cuteness.

One thing I do like is that she doesn't seem take this out on her sister. She loves to entertain her sister and I can often here them giggling as Princess Magpie sings, dances, or ribbits and jumps like a frog just to make her one year old sister laugh.

Feb 3, 2011

Old things

I love old things. I love old books, old quilts, old linens and fabrics, old jars, all sorts of things. They speak to my soul of a sense of history and a feeling of being connected to the past. Over time, a little at a time, I am picking up things that speak to me in this way. It doesn't have to be antique, it just has to touch me and remind me of the past. I have old juice jugs on my counter holding utensils. I have old books on the top my bookshelf underneath a picture frame. I am collected old jars to use as canisters.

Recently we emptied a very large jar of pickles that someone had given us. When it was emptied, I washed it out and I was so excited to see how amazing it looked to me. I just reminded me of those old jugs that I used to see. So, even though it isn't old, I washed it out to use as a canister for noodles in my kitchen. You can't tell but it is almost as tall as my 12 cup coffee perk, so it really is quite large. Here are some pics of it:

Feb 2, 2011

Feb 1, 2011

Wish him luck!

Prince Charming is at a Job interview at this very moment! Wish him luck. This would be a good job that would enable us to do a few of the things we have been wanting to.