Nov 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #72

Thirteen Things About Twisted Cinderella
  1. I am super-tired the last couple of days. I could really use a week and a half's sleep.
  2. I met with the school psychologist to take further steps in Princess Belle's assessment for ADHD and to work on a plan on how to help her in school.
  3. I was pleased that she said that she really likes Princess Belle and likes working with her. That she seems eager to please.
  4. I am starting my Christmas shopping this week. I hope to have it done soon.
  5. It won't be a huge Christmas, but it will be Princess Mag-pie's first one, so it will be special anyway.
  6. I am inventing a low carb cream soup recipe. I hope it tastes good. I wanted something to use up the ingredients that I would enjoy.
  7. Princess Mag-pie has decided that she HATES being put to sleep. She gets so mad when she realizes that she is falling asleep.
  8. You haven't seen anything until you have seen a four month old throw a temper tantrum.
  9. She is almost turning over now. She flips onto her side, hovers like she is about to go on her belly and then flips back onto her back.
  10. I have a lot of projects that I am trying to get done. Time and energy are working against me.
  11. I love taking pictures and I would love to own a "Rebel" sometime. I can't imagine how much better my pics would be.
  12. Princess Belle is doing sooo much better about her bed-wetting. I am so proud of her and she is too.
  13. Every day I put on a clean shirt. Every day, I feed Princess Mag-pie and she wipes her formula stained face in my shirt. I am officially the mom who walks around with milk-stained shirts. LOL

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Paula said...

A wonderful list...

Tasha said...

#13 yup thats me

Julie said...

I'm dreaming of a Rebel too! *lol*