Nov 21, 2008

Friday Five

  1. Princess Belle is out with Daddy on their first date alone together. She was very excited about it.
  2. Princess Mag-pie is home alone with me a little fussy but we are doing fine. I just may not get supper till they get home.
  3. I re-connected with a cousin of mine on the internet. It was fun to see him al grown up and married with kids.
  4. Princess Mag-pie will be 4 months old tomorrow. I will take our monthly pics then.
  5. i have been putting the baby on floor to play with her toys. She makes a lot of time moving around the floor for a girl who can't crawl yet!


Julie said...

Oh goodness! Look at those pictures! She is so cute! Can't believe she's 4 months old now!

crazy working mom said...

I cannot believe she is that big already!