Oct 5, 2006

Thursday Thirteen--Christmas Wish List

Thirteen Things TC wants to buy before Christmas
  1. A winter coat for Prince charming
  2. More books for Little Princess
  3. Tools for Prince Charming
  4. Polly Pockets for Little Princess
  5. Decorations since all of mine are on the other side of the province
  6. Some new outfits for Little Princess
  7. Some socks and underwear for Prince charming (he likes it honest)
  8. Same as above for Little Princess in some disney characters or Dora
  9. Wrapping paper and tape
  10. A sheet set for Little Princess
  11. A table and chairs for Little Princess
  12. A toy box for Little Princess
  13. New glasses, mugs, and silverware for the kitchen.

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Lindsay said...

Wrapping paper and tape.... go to Sams or Costco! They have GREAT deals!
your list made my mind spin, i have SO much stuff to do in the next few months.. and on top of all that my best friend is about to have a baby!!! WOOHOOO, Iam gonna be BUSY!

Colleen said...

Gosh, I don't think I could ever do that list. Mine would be much too long to even think of narrowing it down to only 13 options!
Happy TT!

Diane said...

I think mine will consist of lots of tech stuff. PDAs, cell phones, memory cards... wait, I'm not suppose to buy them, I should get someone to buy thm for me!! Wahahaha!!!

Oh the joys of being a girl! :)

Krajcimama said...

CHRISTMAS! Are you serious? I have no clue how you could be making a Christmas list already!

But you're going to be the one laughing when it's 12/23 and I'm running around like a pregnant chicken with her head cut off! :)

Maybe I'll take this as a sign I'd better get a move on! :)

Mine's up ~ Happy Thursday

Chelle Y. said...

You're one of those who shops already!?! Just kidding!

Silver said...

Happy Shopping :D Great list.

kailani said...

My daughter loves Polly Pockets! I think they're cute but we keep losing those tiny shoes!

Tink said...

Wow, a Christmas-list already! Good for you, enjoy the shopping!
My TT is about witches.

Hails said...

I havent even started to think about xmas yet!!

Good luck getting all this though!

Happy TT

Carmen and Jim said...

i love buying Christmas decorations. :)

Looks like the princess won't have anything to get for actual Christmas, if you buy it all before. ;)

NAncy said...

OUCH! Christmas, can I skip it?

Good luck getting all that done!

Tan said...

One word: eBay! hahaha
Good luck with your shopping.

Christine said...

Christmas is my favorite time of year. The decorations, the gifts, the Christmas spirit and music. Can't wait!

Fantastagirl said...

Great list - I love the spirit of Christmas!

Shoshana said...

Wow. This reminds me that I must start my list for Hannukah. 8 nights of celebrating and making it fun for kids. Ugh!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Let's call that a Christmas shopping list mmmkay?