Nov 6, 2017


I lost a friend the other day.  I got to know her
on a parenting board 15 years ago when I had Princess Belle.  It is hard to fathom the kind of pain you can feel from the loss of someone whom you have never met in person.  But Jane was a special person who meant a lot to me.  She was a kind, supportive, thoughtful friend, a devoted mother to her son, and quick to give smart, intelligent, loving thoughts to all around her.

I can't put into words the way it feels like a little light has gone from the world with her passing.  I feel for her son and the tremendous loss he is going through.  I can't find the right words but I can't let any more time go by without expressing my intense sadness at the loss of such a dear person.  I guess, I can sum it up with the words of Lou, another mom from our board, "I swear her heart gave out from working overtime caring for others ... she was one of a kind."

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