Nov 18, 2017

A Little

So today, I am a little down.  I have been trying to be positive and I will keep that up, but yesterday, my family was having a conversation in which they mentioned that they miss the way I used to cook before I was working.  It is hard to be inspired to cook great food when I am always in a hurry, with sixty-seven things to do at once.  I just feel like it is one more reminded of how badly I am managing things.

Okay, now to think of something to be grateful for . . . Okay, I am overlooking my kid's scattered junk, the fact that I need to call the furnace guy to get our furnace going (another expense), the chicken I have NO idea what to do with, and looking for gratitude inspiration . . . I am grateful for a quiet cup of hot coffee early in the morning before the kids get up.

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Carole Medley said...

I feel for you. I know you think you are letting your family down, but one woman can only do so much. This is REALLY digging for inspiration, but you are letting your girls have an opportunity to do for themselves. I won't go into detail, but I had to grow up extremely quickly as a child. It was hard then, but I ended up more mature than many of my friends. Sweet Are The Uses of Adversity; a quote from Caroline Quiner Ingalls (mother of Laura Ingalls Wilder). Your girls do not for one minute think you love them any less, but they miss the food-as-love expression. Do your best, and know that I am thinking of you.