Sep 21, 2011


If I am lucky, I get to see the baby tomorrow. I am so excited. It will mean so much to see this little monkey. I am nervous, and I hope everything is okay in there. I just keep telling myself that I wouldn't be so sick and tired if my hormones weren't doing their thing.

I am super, super, super tired today. I don't know why. The housework feels like it is getting a little behind on me too. It bugs me so I am going to have to gather up the energy some time soon and go through the whole place and scrub it. I have to say being a pregnant mother of three at 39 is very different from being a first time mom at 29. Why I even remember napping back then!

Don't forget, I am up for an award and I would love it if you would go by and vote for me! I am so surprised and honored that someone would nominate me! And you can vote once a day!

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Julie said...

Hope the appointment went well! :)