Jul 9, 2018


Little Prince finds his own ways to tell us what he wants.  He isn't conversational, he can only ask for things.  His language is limited and he can't always find the right words.  But even when he hasn't got the words he wants, he tries.  However, it can be frustrating when we don't understand.

For example, yesterday, he was crying.  He wanted us to get him something and we didn't know what he wanted.  He just kept crying for "red bottle, blue bottle, yellow bottle" and then "Brown '0'".   We had no idea what that was.  The whole family was wandering around the playroom searching for ideas.   And we finally realized that he was asking for the kids' bowling set.

Interpreting his requests can be tricky even when he uses actual words.  The words may not actually mean what he means them too.  But he is sweet and we usually figure it out.

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Carole Medley said...

I love the red bottle, blue bottle, yellow bottle, brown O so much! I work with school aged children, many of whom have autism, and it is not always easy to understand what they want, but once the light dawns...well, it is exhilarating to communicate with them.