Jul 18, 2017

Big Scare!

Any mom of an autistic child who has elopement tendencies knows my biggest fear.  My baby boy getting out the front door and something horrible happening.  Today the worst possibility flashed through my mind. I was upstairs cleaning Little Prince's room and one of the little girls left the door unlocked and Little Prince got out!  He ran full speed across the highway in front of our house, was almost hit by a car, popped in through someone's door, darted out again and into the woods.  Luckily as me and all the girls frantically ran barefoot across the highway to find where he had run, someone across the road corralled him, could tell he was autistic and met us with him in their arms.  I was hysterical, as was Princess Magpie.  They told me to calm down, he was okay, and to go home and cuddle my boy.  This scared me guys!

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