May 12, 2017

Well That Could Have Gone Better

I am becoming concerned with Little Prince's relationship with his new therapist.  He doesn't like her.  He doesn't like therapy with her.  He gets frustrated.  By the time we are finished, he is angry and upset.  He plunks himself on the floor with a toy and his back to the therapist and screams when she comes near him.  I honestly feel like too much of this and he starting to regress in regards to his therapy.

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Andie said...

I am a long time reader! As the mom of a daughter with severe autism you have been a huge inspiration to me. After fourteen years of dealing with various teachers, therapists etc. I have come to know if my daughter does not feel comfortable with someone it is downhill from there, she never changes her opinion. When the therapist is one she likes it is a wonderful year and she does terrific. The person seems to make or break her learning . Thank you for your daily posts I enjoy an insight into another special needs moms life! Andie