Feb 23, 2017

So Happy!!

Prince Charming and I drove into a new (to us) area of the Annapolis Valley today.  He had a job interview.  The job didn't pan out but I am so thrilled to have gone down there and I foresee many more trips back there in the future.  I was so happy to see the many awesome shops and places to eat.

But best of all, I discovered a wonderful mall.  It was like the Tardis . . . so much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.  It just kept going and going and every wonderful store in the mall was the same, once we entered the store, it seemed ten times larger than it appeared from the front.  There were all sorts of places that I can't wait to explore with the kids.  

Instead of a long drive to a wasted job interview, today felt like a mini-vacation and just what I needed.

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