Feb 17, 2017

Good Changes

There are some fun changes happening here.

First, I got the new books for the little girls homeschooling.  I am excited to be schooling them together again and to be returning to the way we schooled Princess Belle when she was younger.

Secondly, I have decided to return to eating the foods I react to (in an effort to get a proper diagnosis from the doctor).  I know that in order for some of these tests to work, I need to have had them in my system.

Thirdly, I am starting weight watchers.  I am finding it eye-opening to realize how many calories  (points) I wasted on food that didn't fill me up.  I was eating more than my daily allotment in PEANUT BUTTER alone!!!! I am happy to have a way to get my diet more balanced.

On a totally different note, my silly boy took his fuzzy pillow, his teddy bear, and his blanket and curled up on the floor to sleep . . . right next to his bed!  So silly.

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