Dec 30, 2016

Just Lovely

There is a little theater in town.  It is the same theater that had a free kids movie over Christmas, which my girls just LOVED.  Last night, they aired, "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them".

Prince Charming and I decided to attend the showing and it was such a fun experience.   There are so many little things that make going to the theater here such a community event.  When we approached the door two Christmas Nutcracker Soldiers stood sentry.  They were wonderfully detailed and creatively hand-crafted. 

Inside, we were personally greeted and watched as everyone chatted with each other.  The inexpensive popcorn was served in small  brown paper bags like it was in school when I was a child.   Before the movie started, they made announcements, including a young man's 17th birthday followed by drawing two tickets to get the glance to take home the movie poster!

The whole experience was lovely, friendly, and amazingly warm.  I definitely want to attend movies they air in the future!

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