Feb 9, 2012

Getting it done.

For about 6 months, I posted on another blog.  This a post that was copied from that blog.  I used different names for the family.  Just so you know the names were as follows:

Prince Charming - Wandering Aengus
Princess Belle - Lilly
Princess Magpie - Rose
Princess Snifflefritz - Lotus
Little Prince - Reed

I worked hard today, trying desperately to clear out all the boxes that are in Reed’s nursery to be. I got a lot done. I am hoping to have it done within a week. Wandering Aengus doesn’t understand why I need to have it done so soon when I am not due until April. But, we know that given my prenatal history, I probably have a month or so at the most and for my own sense of well-being I need to have the nursery done and my hospital bag ready. So, here’s to my being industrious and getting it all done soon.

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