Dec 12, 2010

Sunday Sum-up

I have been having fun decorating for Christmas. I have never had much by the way of outside decorations before but this year, we put out some garland, some ribbons, some bells, some candy canes, some lights in the windows and a wreath. It looks so nice out there. It made makes me happy.

My girls are no longer sick. Princess Belle seems to have regained her appetite and Princess Snifflefritz has NOT. I worry so much about her. She has always been a tough nut to crack in the solid food department, but now she seems to get upset when I try to feed her. Oh well, we will convince her that food is good at some point I am sure.

My basement looks like Santa's workshop exploded down there. I sooo have to get down there and start wrapping things. But I am confident that this will be an amazing Christmas.


Wisewebwoman said...

Reading your blog put a smile on my face. I needed to be reminded of gratitudes today and you did it.
Thank you!

Julie said...

When Amanda was a baby, the only way I could get her to eat solid food was to have her sit on my lap while I fed her... So spoiled! *lol* ... But I am glad I did it, since I wasn't able to have anymore, and I got some extra snuggle time in with her. :)