Jun 24, 2018

From A Distance

It is funny how things are so different when viewed from a distance or as a theoretical concept.  All my life, I have loved the idea little cabins in the woods and farmhouses in the country.  Pictures of big, beautiful, country getaways and cozy cottage were my ideal.

But for the last two years, I have been living the reality.  And having grown up in actual towns, I have learned something . . . the country includes nature.  Shocking, I know!  And nature isn't always pretty and pleasant.

Nature and farms bring rodents, insects, and animals.  Some animals are pretty to look at (like the deer) but some animals are terrifying (like skunks and black bears).  And don't let's even discuss the wide variety of insects you can discover when you are feet from the woods (ticks, fleas, and flies were invented here I swear!)

And the funny thing about living in the country is that you can sit on your front step drinking coffee or tea for years, you won't meet a neighbor.  You will go back inside alone except for the dozens of ticks who are now calling you home.  And if our car breaks down, we are completely sunk!  We have to drive for everything.

Living here has ruined those pictures I used to like so much.  Now I see a house in the woods and I see a house infested with vermin and invaded by wild animals.  It isn't idyllic in my head anymore.

Now I long for people and friendly chats with my neighbors. I long for corner stores and coffee shops.  I long for the freedom to let my kids play in the yard without worrying about them becoming lunch for something wandering around out there.  I long for family and friends to be there to lean on when being a homeschooling, autism mom of four becomes a little too stressful.  Sometimes being so far away from everything and everyone I know is tough.

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