May 4, 2018

At This Moment

At this moment, I am sipping my morning coffee, enjoying the dark, rich flavor and the soothing warmth of the heat as my hands are wrapped around my Super Mom mug.

At this moment, the smell of fresh baking is filling the air.  A reminder of the goodies that I made for my family this morning while waiting for my coffee to perk.

At this moment, I can hear my house coming awake.  I can hear the sounds of Little Prince contentedly Eeeing in his room, I am blessed that he wakes up happy.  I can hear Princess Magpie and Princess Snifflefritz chattering away in their room, happily planning their day.  I can hear Princess Belle talking to herself in room.  From the day she could talk this is how she has woken up.

At this moment, I am sipping my coffee, enjoying the sounds of my home, knowing that soon all these little people will be coming in to share all their morning thoughts with me.  Soon my quiet time will be finished and little voices will be chatting with me, sharing with me, needing me for the rest of the day.

I am very blessed, at this moment.

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