Oct 13, 2017


I guess the thing that has been on my mind is that I don't feel very good at this whole balancing act.   In my head, all I can do is list all the way I am failing my kids, I lay in bed and go over all things that I am not doing well, and all the ways that they let me know they are feeling the loss of my presence.  I just feel l8ke a failure.

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Carole Medley said...

TC, I have read you for years...at least thru the births of the last 2 children... but I rarely comment. I feel I must here. I KNOW that you are heavily invested in being a full-time mother at home. I know this because I was, too. Circumstances have arisen that make it necessary for you to work outside the home. There is ZERO judgement from me, just stating the facts as they are. I feel your very real pain; each post is a cry of anguish that you are not at home doing the million and one things that young humans need from the most important person in their lives. However, they will take their cues from YOU, so if you can possibly (I know this will be hard for you, as it would have been for me) be matter of fact when you have to go to work, it may help. I know you are very strong, but even strong people have a breaking point. If you try to be everything to everyone, including schooling the little cherubs, along with outside work, you will break down yourself and be of no use to the family. TRY to just do the best you can every day. I know that is easier said than done. Courage!