Mar 31, 2017

I Think I CAN

It has been about twelve days since I was on my personal Facebook page.  I have to say, it has been a nice break.  I am relaxed and content.  The only thing I miss is my friendship connections and sharing pictures of my kids.  (I live in the country hours or days away from all my friends.)

It was funny to realize how much much time I spent with my phone in my hand, scrolling through Facebook.  Time gets away from me.

That being said, I do think I am in a better place.  I can go back and choose to concentrate on the parts of Facebook that are upbuilding and to check in with my friends while scrolling past the terrible things that sometimes come up.

I can decide I am there for connection and not political arguments, horrible pictures, and nasty people.   And if it ever becomes overwhelming again, I can take a break to get in a better place.

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