Mar 22, 2017

My Boy's Day

My boy had a perfect Little Prince style birthday.  He was actually happy and participating!  He stopped to play with each you before moving on to the next gift.  So sweet!

Wordless Wednesday - Through The Years

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Mar 21, 2017

Weekly Weigh-in

I am down again this week!  I lost 4.2 lbs!  That is 14.2 lbs since February 21st and 63 lbs lower than my highest weight. . . so exciting!

This is one of the rare pictures of me at my highest.  I spent several years at this weight avoiding cameras.

This is me now.  I took this today!

Setting up

The little girls and I have been setting up for Little Prince's 5th birthday. My baby is so tall and sweet!  I am having fun planning it in a way that will be special for him to enjoy.  Autism WILL NOT spoil his fun today!

Mar 20, 2017

Fingers Crossed!

Tomorrow is my Weigh-in day as well as Little Prince's birthday and was my birthday!  Let's hope my efforts to stay on track with my Weight Watchers points pay off!!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Here I am, today, on my 45th birthday.  Life is good.  My home is warm, there is food in my pantry, and my kids are amazing.  I am feeling healthy and am well on my way to the weight I want to be.

(While I am enjoying my Facebook break, I will stop in today to thank everyone for their sweet birthday wishes)

Mar 19, 2017

I Just Can't

I am tired of Facebook.  I am tired of political posts, and horrible posts containing torture and pain.  I woke up  this morning and the first thing I saw on my personal Facebook was a political post with a lady being tortured and killed.  Nothing like watching pain over my coffee.  I was so bothered that I closed Facebook and decided I was done with it for a few days.  I like happy, funny, friendly posts.  I don't always want things that are really going to upset me.  So no more personal Facebook for me for a few days.  Even then I may stick to posting about my kids and not look at anything else.

Mar 18, 2017


Poor Little Prince fell out of bed EARLY this morning (around 5 am).  After I comforted him, I couldn't get back to sleep.  So I decided to get an early start on the day and got up and tidied the house.  When it was late enough, I headed out to get groceries before the kids got up.  In the afternoon, I drove in to Digby to shop for Little Prince's birthday.  At this point, I am ready for bed, too deliriously tired to post anything remotely sensible and it is WAY to early to go there.

Mar 17, 2017

My Little Leprechauns

I love having photoshops of my babies on holidays. My kids are just so cute!!

And me . . .

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Here is the fun way I decorated before the kids came downstairs. It is so fun to see their excited faces.

Mar 16, 2017

Crafty Fun

The little girls and I had crafty fun today.  My back is still sore and so it was an easy day for me today. Just lots of giggling with my girls and St. Patrick's Day crafts.

Mar 15, 2017


Yesterday we a big storm rolled in.  I was so motivated by my weight loss and I wanted to get some stuff done.

So after I had puttered around the house and gotten all my little projects done, I decided to get outside and prepare the area that we stacking our wood.  I found that the platforms I wanted to move by the door for the wood were frozen to the ground!  I found a board and pried two loose, but I overestimated my back and now I can't move!!!  It hurts to sit!!!

Oh well, I got it all done and my platforms are ready for the wood I can't lift.  LOL

Did I mention that there was also a storm??

Mar 14, 2017

Weekly Weigh-in

I weighed in today and I lost 3.4 lbs!  That is a total of 10.6 lbs since I started Weight Watchers!  After being stuck for so long, I am so glad to see the scales moving!!  I haven't even used all of my extra weekly points either week!  I am doing this right!  I am eating healthy foods and lots of them! I am rarely hungry, I am just creative in my choices. YAY!!  I met my first goal since starting Weight Watchers.   Now on to my next one which is 4.3 lbs away!

Mar 13, 2017


We had a long day today.  Prince Charming had an all day appointment out of town and I had to drive him.  I spent most of the day sitting in the car waiting for him.  Not an exciting day but it was a LONG day with lots of driving. I am VERY glad to be home with all my cute babies, next to the warm fire.

Mar 12, 2017


The weather was better today.   We managed to get out to buy Little Prince the things that he likes and we got some firewood delivered to help offset the cost of oil.  Then it was chili and AFV with the kids.