Jul 6, 2010

Fun at Nanny's house

Since it has been a long long day, I thought I would share some pics of Princess Magpie playing in Nanny's backyard. She had great fun in the sandbox that Poppy built.

Jul 5, 2010

Moving Forward

Well Prince Charming took all the kiddies to Grandma Great's house. She and Auntie had a bouncy house set up there and great fun was had by all. While they were gone, I hit Princess Belle's room. I cleared more junk than you can possibly imagine and did a LOT of purging. I did warn her that I was going to purge a lot of things, but I promised to save her dollies, her barbie dream house and her barbies. She was content with that. Her room is done now and next I am on to Princess Magpie's room and our room. I get overwhelmed with how much I have to pack considering that I have to work around the schedules of two babies.

But on the upside, Princess Magpie will have her second birthday in the same town as her godmother who is also my best friend and whose mother is her namesake. It will be nice to share that milestone with her.

In the meantime, I am tired tonight from a busy but productive day. So tired that I have no idea if anything I said makes any sense at all or if I just posted a bunch of rambling nonsensical gibberish.

Jul 4, 2010

Sunday Seven

  1. Well Princess Snifflefritz is doing better today. She slept better last night and hasn't been crying all day like yesterday. Yesterday, I even took to driving around with her to get her to go to sleep.
  2. Princess Magpie was sick yesterday too. She was sad and snuggly all day. Poor baby.
  3. Prince Charming is supposed to be taking the kids to Grandma Great's house for fun in a bouncy house today. I don't know if they are going or not right now.
  4. I am hoping they go because if they do, I am spending the whole time they are gone, packing for our move.
  5. Our new place used to be for sale and I like to google it and get pics of it so that I can plan where I want things to be when I get there.
  6. Princess Magpie loves to steal her dad's socks when he takes them off. She puts them on her hands like gloves or on her legs like stockings. It looks too funny.
  7. I love the way Princess Snifflefritz giggles every time she sees her sisters. It is sweet. It makes both of her sisters do little dances just to get a giggly reaction. I am much happier hearing her giggle today compared to how miserable she was yesterday.

Jul 3, 2010

HOW do they do it??

Okay, how do mothers of teething babies EVER get any packing done when they are moving?? I am moving in two weeks and I am up all night with a crying baby and I am holding a crying baby most of the day. Even when Prince Charming helps out, then Princess Magpie needs some attention and I still get nothing done.

Me, I am cranky, tired, and worried about getting everything done. Surely other moms with teething babies have moved before. How do they do it??

Jul 2, 2010


You know how Jeff Foxworthy has those You Might be a Redneck if . . . jokes? Well, I find those jokes hilarious because I live in my own little corner of Redneckville, Newfoundland. Let me tell you about my little small town.
  • Our taxi company is Ken who lives down the road and he refuses long fares so that he can be around town for anyone else who needs him.
  • When giving directions to our house we include the phrase "Our driveway is right across the road from that broken down pickup truck'"
  • Every corner store in town sold out of fireworks in a couple of hours on Canada Day.
  • On nice days, you can see everyone from teenage boys to old men and women driving their quads to the corner store and the one and only takeout/video store.
  • People turn up at your door because Agnes down at the store told them you might be moving.
  • Everybody I know has a picture of their child wearing Pop's rubber boots
  • kids play in handmade sandboxes with actual shovels and rakes
  • An introduction frequently includes answering the question, "Who do you belong to?"
  • Directions anywhere include such things as "Go past where the old hair salon used to be and turn right at the old school, drive to old Uncle Tom's Rubix Cube and then go three houses past where the old shed burned down and you are there. You can't miss it."
  • Backyards contain such things as old tires, lobster traps, several old cars, two or three sheds, and old lumber that might come in handy some day.
Those are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think of my little corner of Redneckville, Newfoundland.

Jul 1, 2010

To All My Canadian Friends!

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