Feb 7, 2010

You are in for it now!!

I FOUND MY CAMERA CORD!!! That means that I get to share all the pics I have been taking since I moved. I am even willing to brave the big bad dial-up connection to share them with you. I am debating which ones to show first, but I think I will share the rest of my Christmas pics.

My Precious Girl

There are times that I feel so helpless as a mom. There are times when my beautiful daughter, who is so baffled by the do and don'ts of interpersonal relationships (due to her aspergers), says something to me that just breaks my heart.

She has been doing that a little lately. The only hard part of this move is her. She had established a few friends where we were living. They were younger than she is but they didn't judge her for her oddities. Now to be fair there were a LOT of kids who did judge her and give her a hard time, but now that we are here and sooo isolated, she is longing for the friends that she had. She has even asked me if she can move back when she is a grown up.

She tells me stories about school and things that the kids say that make me so sad and helpless. I can't fix this for her and I wish that I could. I can't un-say the things the kids say to her. I can only hope they aren't breaking her spirit a little at a time. She had a friend that she liked and she was so happy to have a friend that she wrote her a letter, telling her how much she liked her, how glad that she was her friend and how she was her only friend. And her friend rolled her eyes and said things that made her feel weird for doing that. She wanted to do something nice and was shot down for doing so. I saw the light go out of her eyes as she told me about it. She wants so badly to be liked and I HATE that she feels that all the other children think she is weird. I want to make this better for her.


Her First Christmas

Feb 6, 2010

Snow Confessions.

I remember liking snow when I was a kid. I remember being excited to go out and build snowmen and forts and all sorts of things. I remember walking out into my clean white yard that had no marks at all except my footprints and imagining it was like a big sheet of paper and that some giant high in the sky was watching to see what creation I graced this lovely new gift with. It was fun and exciting.

Somewhere along the way I came up with a realization. Snow is cold and wet. When you play in it, you get cold and wet. Your boots get filled with snow. Your feet turn into toesicles. Your mittens get coated in snow and your hands get get stiff, cold and wet. And it is slippery. You fall and bruise your bottom, or your legs get sore from trudging through all that white, cold, heavy, junk that mascerades as white, fluffy, cotton candy.

Now that we have established my not-so-fond feelings for snow, I have a confession . . . I likr to watch it through my window here in my cabin in the woods. There is something lovely about sitting there with a nice warm cup of coffee in my warm living room, looking through one of the three large windows, watching the snow fall gently and come to rest on the evergreen trees that surround my home. It is nice to do the dishes and look out the window over the sink and see the Christmas-like scene that greets me. As long as I don't have to go out in it, I can imagine it feels as lovely as it looks. I can imagine I am sipping hot chocolate in front of a nice fireplace, toasting marshmallows. It makes me smile, it makes me forget what a horror show snow really is.

I would show you pics, but my camera cord is still lost. And one of my five lovely neighbours just came by and cleared our driveway with his little ride snow blower! We didn't ask him too, he just did it and left. I love it here.

Feb 5, 2010

Friday Five

  1. Princess Sleeps-a-lot has taken to waking up a LOT during the night. I am exhausted right now and am having troubles keeping up with everything.
  2. Prince Charming is sick today. He is at the doctor. I am hoping that he just overdid it helping his father get wood for the last couple of weeks.
  3. Princess Magpie is super-cute these days. She has taken to watching the things I do with Princess Sleeps-a-lot and copying them with her dolls. She burps them, feeds them with her toy bottle and gets wipes and wipes their little bottoms and then pretends to diaper them. She is just squishous!!
  4. Princess Magpie has also taken to kissing Princess Sleeps-a-lot on the head every time she sees her. She also does scary things like climb up on the table that Princess Sleeps-a-lot's chair is on and trying to feed her with her toy bottle. Too cute. Scary, but cute.
  5. Every morning, Princess Belle asks me to put on the Aqua CD she found. So I put it on and her and Princess Magpie dance around the living room. It is cute and fun.

Feb 4, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Have I described (what could be loosely described as) my neighborhood to you? Well let me do so now. My backyard has a balcony, a shed, a firepit and a forest . . . yes a forest! My front yard has at least a dozen trees and across the road is more trees. I have a neighbor on one side and a neighbor across the street and then no one for as far as you can see on my other side. There are about 5 houses that I can see from the end of my driveway and that is it. My house had wooden siding and it really feels like I am living in a cabin in the woods. I LOVE it. I love looking out at the snow on the trees (as long as I am nice and warm inside). I love the idea of my kids being so far from everyone as they play.

I have to tackle Princess Belle's room sometime soon. She is a walking hurricane. And as soon as I step outside the door to her room, it will be a disaster again, but I have to at least give it a shot. I am trying to think of ways to make it better but I have no idea on what I can do to make her less inclined to disasterize her room the second she hits it. Anyone have any ideas? I have some great things here to decorate her room and we had a lot of fun picking things out for her.

Feb 2, 2010

Princess Belle's ambitions

Princess Belle and Prince Charming and I were watching a movie and it inspired a discussion about how the girl's mother was wrong and she should let her daughter grow up to be whatever she wants to be when she grows up. We said that girls can like whatever they want to and if they like cars they can grow up to be mechanics or race car drivers and if they want to like Princess's and Dolly's that is okay too. Princess Belle declared that she loved singing so she was going to grow up and be a singer . . . well that and a doctor. Hmmm . . . the world's first singing doctor . . . sounds good. I think I can go along with that. LOL

School and sleep

Well, Princess Sleeps-a-lot got weighed today and she is up to 9 lbs 13 oz. I am so glad that she is still getting bigger a little at a time. She has been snuffly and kind of yucky the last two days and hasn't been eating as well, so I was concerned, but there was no need.

We have been talking to Princess Belle's school to see what we could do to make the remainder of the year easier for her so that we could just get through the rest of the year before returning to homeschooling in September. They said that there is nothing that will be done for weeks yet!! As per their recommendation, she has been staying at home until changes could be made for her. But there is no way that she can stay at home that long with no work being done. So we got all her books and papers from the school and will be homeschooling her until they can make the appropriate adjustments for her.

I made a vegetarian pea soup today that came out ultra-salty. I am trying to figure out what I can do to make it less salty.

I also have a question for all you moms with kids who share a room. How did you make the change. How do your kids sleep? Was it a hard adjustment? Did the younger one share a room with you at first? When did you move them out to share with their sibling? Did it make a difference if the older child was really young (like under 2)? If anyone out there has any answers or advice for me, I would love to hear them.

Feb 1, 2010

Some Christmas Pics

I figured I would share some pics of my two older girls that were taken before I went into the hospital to have Princess Sleeps-a-lot. Some of them are pretty special and some are not but I don't care. I love the pics anyway. And I even braved the big bad dial-up connection to upload them for you. See how devoted I am to you guys??