Aug 7, 2006

Monday Memories

I'll never forget the winter I realized that maybe we had less money than some other people. I know that through most of my life until that winter, I never noticed that all my "new" clothes were some cousin's hand-me-downs, that we never took vacations, that maybe we had less than others.

But this winter was different. My dad had been trying to get work for quite some time. But living in an area where seasonal work is the norm, if you don't get work in the summer, you are in trouble for the winter.

This winter on thing we did have was caplin. Caplin is are fish that when they are spawning, roll up onto the beaches in massive quantities. We had gone out when they rolled and gathered them up in big buckets and then dried them, froze them, and bottled them.

Over the course of the winter, money and consequently food was getting scarcer and scarcer until finally all we had left was caplin. My poor mom invented recipes to try to make it different, being very creative and trying to make us forget that for Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper we were eating caplin. By the time things turned around for us, I would have rathered eat a cardboard box than touch another caplin.

That winter affected me in more ways than is obvious. from that moment on, I knew we were broke. I knew that if they were selling anything at school, asking mom and dad to come up with the money for it was mean because they only felt bad. I knew that if I wanted anything new, I had to come up with the money for it myself, by babysitting or whatever other means I could. That was the winter I felt like we were poor.

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Aug 6, 2006

Sunday Seven

It is a beautiful bright sunny day here. My Little Princess is being wonderful and sweet and I haven't lost my mind with Prince Charming being gone. I am proud of that. I have cleaned and used the computer in massive quantities once my Little Princess goes to bed. I hardly watch any television at all. It is no fun to watch cool stuff by yourself. Oh any BB7 watchers out there, what do you think will happen on tonights episode?

I thought today I would share 7 of my favorite pictures I have taken lately. You will notice I have a favorite subject. But she is so much fun lately and such a character. I just can't help it.

Aug 5, 2006

Seven things for Saturday

  1. First and foremost . . . . I finally made it One-derland! I no longer weigh 2?? I now am below 200 lbs! I have lost 51lbs and counting! Woohoo!!
  2. My little princess is being supersweet today. She was watching Barney and at the end of the show she came over and gave me a big kiss and said, "I love you mommy. We are such lucky girls." My heart melted there on the spot.
  3. She loves loves loves Daycare. She has a little friend she calls the blue boy. I assume it is because she can't remember his name and he wears blue. LOL. I think she likes him best because he tells potty humour jokes and she has never heard that before. She came home yesterday laughing herself silly because he said his apple juice was pee. Aaahh life through the eyes of a four year old. LOl
  4. She isn't eating well there, but I am working on that.
  5. I have a whole pile of fresh tomatoes and peppers. What would you do with 9 fresh tomatoes?
  6. I love veggies. I am going to do a quick fry of fresh veggies for my lunch. Mmmmm . . . sounds yummy. The little princess won't eat any of it and bad mommy that I am, I am cooking her chicken nuggets instead of forcing the issue.
  7. I had fun talking last night on the web cam with my friend. We laughed and joked and watched clips on the computer and she made it not matter that I was alone. I just had fun. It didn't even matter that she lives right next door and if it weren't for the kids I could have gone over.

That's it for my Saturday for now. I am happy. I weigh less than 200 lbs and I have a great neighbour who is willing to be silly with me late at night. What more could a girl ask for. To quote my little princess, I am such a lucky girl!

Aug 4, 2006

How she did

Well, I called a while after she got to Daycare (only once, be proud of me for my self-restraint). They said that she hadn't cried yet and she was having fun playing. When she came home, the driver said that she had a few sad moments throughout the day when she would say she was sad and missed her mommy , but overall she did good .

When I saw her, the first thing she said was, "MOMMY!!!!! I lost my banana." After my laughing fit, I found out that apparently she was given a banana at day care and she lost it. This was a minor disaster in her eyes as she loves bananas and so after she got home, we went out and bought her bananas.This morning she was anxious to go back so that made me feel better about the whole thing.

Get this conversation she told me about. Apparently, a little boy had put something under his shirt and said, "Look at my pretty boobies." and all the kids including Belle thought this was hillariously funny. This morning while we were getting her ready to go, that was what she was telling me. I am going to get all kinds of giggles from the things she passes on, I can tell.


Note: Alone

As of right now, Prince Charming has left to go volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club in a town a few hours away. He will be gone for 4 days. My Little Princess is in Day care and I am all alone. He just left moments ago. I am feeling sad. I am going to miss him. I am going to hate sleeping alone. I am going to hate having no one to talk to after the Little Princess goes to bed. He has only just left and already I am lonely. How crazy is that?

Aug 3, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about TC
  1. My baby started her first day of Daycare today. I am a mess.
  2. I truly hope she is okay and happy.
  3. I took a bazzillion pics of her getting ready to go.
  4. I am probably going to drive the center crazy calling to check on her and make sure she is okay.
  5. Her best friend is going there with her. I hope that helps.
  6. She got up at 7 in the morning before the alarm went off.
  7. this was one morning I am glad she got up early.
  8. sending her off tired and cranky would have been so hard on me.

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A little cutism. she is sitting in the floor and saying, "you can't see me." we say, "yes we can". and she says, "No you can't, my eyes are closed" Too funny!

Aug 2, 2006

Can't I get even one day?

Okay, let me start by saying that I was looking forward to sleeping in today. Prince Charming doesn't have to get up for school this morning and I was naively thinking that all the stars would align and I would be able to sleep in this morning. But I should have known better.

At 8:30 this morning, I get a phone call regarding my daughter's day care arrangements. At 8:45 I get another one. At 9:05, my little princess is awake and sitting in front of the television yelling for food like I am a tardy waitress. At that point I knew that any hopes I had for sleeping in were done. finito, I am destined to get up every day between 7 and 9 until my daughter goes to college and then with my luck she will call me every morning at the crack of dawn to ask me where she put her socks.

Even on days that she doesn't wake me up (which I will admit are most days) Prince Charming usually has to get up for school. Then I hear lots of things like, "Honey, where are my socks?", "Honey, do you know if my white shirt is clean?", "Honey do you think you could make my lunch while I get dressed?" and so sleeping in is a long ago dream. Gone but not forgotten and once in a while I delude myself into thinking that I once again shall attain to this dream. But no, not today . . . maybe on Saturday? MMmmmm . . . . probably not.

Aug 1, 2006

So excited

I got my baby girl into daycare! I am thrilled. I was so worried that if she didn't attend she would be behind the other kids in school accademically and in her social skills. Now I feel like SuperMOMMY! I can do anything!

I am a little nervous though. I took her in today for a little visit, to make her familiar with it. When she looked around and realized I wasn't in the same room as she was she cried. She usually isn't like that. She goes outside with the neighbours without me, she goes over to her friends house to play without me. I hope she will be okay, because I think that she will love this, if she gives it a chance.

Incidentally, I have added a new blog to my profile for my weightloss stuff. Feel free to check it out when you have the time. This has been a crazy day with a hundred and one things to be done in preparation for the preschool! woohoo

Oh and anyone who is trying to lose weight, might be interested. I have started another blog solely dedicated to the ramblings in my brain that have to do with that, that way they are all contained in one nice neat area, and the rest of the world is bored by my weight obsessed brain. So click on the pic below to check it out. Let me know what you think, I am open to constructive criticisms: